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Campaigns by Type of Client

When creating client retention campaigns in your business – the first step  is to break your clients into the A, B,  C, and D categories that we have talked about before.

This leaves you will the four categories:

  • “A” clients are your top 2% of your clients, your perfect client.  
  • “B” clients are the remainder of your top 20% of your clients.

**These two categories (A and B)  represent 80% of your revenue, so these are the top  20% of your clients, and the represent the top 80% of your revenue.**

  • “C” customers represent 80% of your clients and roughly 20% of your revenue.  
  • “D” are dormant clients, and they currently represent none of your current revenue, but are eligible to be revived as a current client.  These clients are not to be easily dismissed, and it’s like you can re engage them as an active customer with the right contacts.

Let’s talk about some suggested campaigns:

Suggested Campaign for “A” Clients

  1. When they become a client, say thank you and give them some brownies for being a new client.  
  2. Anniversary of being a client  
  3. Birthday card ‐  Since it’s an A client, I would suggest including some type of small gift in the card as well.   
  4. A holiday card   
  5. Referral ask card
  6. Valentine card, “We just love you being our customer”   
  7. 4th of July card

Suggested Campaign for “B” Clients

  1. Thank you with brownies  
  2. Anniversary of being a client  
  3. Birthday card. In this birthday card it’s not really necessary that you give them a gift as well.
  4. Holiday card  
  5. Referral ask card  
  6. Valentine card  
  7. 4th of July card   

For each of the A and B clients, the recommendation is to send out a card every other month, six times a year, plus once for a birthday.   

Suggested Campaign for “C” Clients

With your “C” clients, you’re not going to send to them as much because they don’t bring you as much money as far as revenue is concerned, so you don’t want to stay in front of them as much, and because there’s a certain ROI on all of this.   

  1. You definitely want to give them a thank you card. You don’t need to give them brownies. It’s just an added cost there, but if you send them a thank you card, they’re going to be blown away anyway.   
  2. Anniversary of being a client card  
  3. Birthday card. Always send a birthday card no matter what  
  4. Holiday card   
  5. Referral ask card  

Now, if you notice on this campaign for the C clients, there are five cards I recommend, the thank you, the anniversary, the birthday, the holiday, that’s your 80% relationship part, and then of course the last card, the referral ask card. That’s the 20% of marketing.   

Suggested Campaign for “D” Clients

Then for your D or dormant clients, what you can do is you can still send,  even though they haven’t used your services in quite a while perhaps, but you can still send them a “Thank you, we appreciate you card.” They may not remember the last time they’ve used your services and may not have realized how long it’s been where you consider them dormant, and maybe they don’t. Maybe the sales cycle and when they want to order your services is a long time. It’s not a problem to send them a thank you card and that we appreciate your business.

You definitely want to send them a re engagement card. If you know how long it’s been and the exact date perhaps even of when the last time they used your service is, it’s good to put in there, “We’d love to have you back. The last time your ordered from our company was January 5th of last year and we really look forward to hearing from you again. Please give us a call.”

This shows that you pay attention to detail and it shows that you care, that you really want their business.