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Client Retention Superstar – Tom Hopkins

Today we’re going to talk about Tom Hopkins, the number one sales trainer in America.  


Tom Hopkins


Now let’s talk about Tom Hopkins, America’s number one sales trainer. He’s most recognized as America’s number one sales trainer and the builder of sales champions. Tom Hopkins began his career as a real estate agent in the 1960s. He was failing miserably and was only earning an average of $42 a month until he invested his last few dollars in a sales training seminar. Within five years, he went from failure to building an annual sales volume of over $14 million. That was in the sixties.


Over an eight‐year period from 1964 to 1972, he helped 1554 families with home ownership and closed 365 transactions within a single year. Tom Hopkins rose to the nation’s number one sales position setting records that still stand today. Eventually, he moved into sales management with the company and developed their office into the number one performing office in the company.  


Tom has authored many books and sales training programs including How to Master the Art of Selling. What was his secret weapon? Well, no matter what, he sent 10 handwritten thank you cards every single day. He made this a habit. Tom Hopkins had a thank you note habit.


Thank you for talking with me on the telephone.


Thank you for meeting with me.


Thank you for your business.


Thank you for your kind referral.


Thank you for the excellent service you have provided  for me.


Thank you for taking your time to consider letting me serve you, and he would send those after they refused him.


Thank you for taking your time to  analyze my services. He would send those after they bought from somebody else.  


And then he would also send thank you for using our service or product sent at the one year anniversary.   


He has a quote that says, “Because I understood that building relationships is what selling is all about, I began early in my career to send thank you notes to people. I set a goal to send 10 thank you cards every day. Guess what happened? By the end of my third year in sales, 100% of it was referrals. Those that follow‐up will end up on top. Those that keep in touch, will never have to prospect. Those that build a referral base, will never have to worry about where their next referral is coming from.”