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Create Multiple Touch Points

You know it takes a lot of touches to remain on top of mind with your prospects and your clients. In fact, the average prospect will not do business with you until they have seen or heard from you at least seven times. That’s a pretty common statistical fact that’s been around for ages.


But to do this right, you need to be a card sending machine. That’s right a card sending machine!


#1. You need to have a large enough network of people who know who you are and know what you do.  


#2. You need to have a large enough network of people who like you and trust you. The deeper the relationships you build within your network, the more business you will receive.  


#3. To develop a relationship of trust with a large number of people, you need a system for managing those relationships. The system needs to be predictable, consistent and repeatable.   


This last tenant is crucial for seeing results from your client retention efforts. You must stay in touch regularly. You must be consistent. As a static business owner, you know that you cannot simply do anything one time or once in a while in your business and expect to see any major results.  


For your client retention efforts, the most ideal way to stay on top of mind is to create card campaigns and to create a schedule to send them.