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Andy Sokol, known as “America’s Client Retention Expert,” is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant. He’s the creator of the Ultimate Client Retention System, and the author of Pay Me Forever – How to Get Lifelong Clients Swarming to Your Business Like Bees to Honey.

His background in entrepreneurship began at the age of six, when he started a lemonade stand. He immediately knew then, that he wanted to be in business as his career. After graduating college with a degree in business, he continued his education by attending every workshop, seminar or training class that he could, plus read all of the best business books that his mentors recommended.

Of course, his real education came through the “school of hard knocks” by being in business for so many years and learning what worked and what didn’t work. After losing some customers to a low-cost competitor, Andy learned that doing a great job for his customers wasn’t good enough. Once Andy figured out that he was doing it all wrong, it was a game-changer for his business. His shift of focusing on building customer relationships AFTER the sale was crucial, and that business still thrives today after over twenty years!

Andy created a client retention system for himself and automated the process. The system worked amazing, and Andy became a master of client retention.
After that, Andy opened another company, a shredding company, because of the needs of his existing clients. He recently sold that twelve-year-old company with a massive loyal customer base, to a global competitor. They knew it would be a lot faster and easier to acquire Andy’s company than it would be to steal his clients, so they approached him and bought him out; his company still had customers from their first year in business.

People were constantly asking Andy how he created such loyal customers that would not leave, which made him realize that he needed to get his message to the world so other business owners didn’t have to make the same mistakes that he did. So, he wrote a book called Pay Me Forever. It became the foundation for his program, the Ultimate Client Retention System. After he built his Client Retention program, Andy started speaking and coaching on the topic so he could empower other entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business and keep their clients forever too.

Andy speaks at Corporations, Conferences, Associations and Networking Groups on Client Retention and other topics.  His coaching and programs help businesses improve sales and profits through an innovative marketing and referral system.