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Ninja Techniques to Stay in Front of Clients

Here are some ninja style techniques on sending cards to stay in front of those prospects and clients


When you’re attending a networking event, get somebody’s business card when you meet them, and send them a nice to meet you card, instead of just an email. The email is so impersonal, that they’ll appreciate the card, and they’ll remember you from the card.  


You can celebrate somebody’s birthday if you happen to get it when you first meet them. You can congratulate them on their successes when you first find out about it. You can send gifts with your cards to prospective clients such as some brownies, or anything else, there’s a whole ton of things you can send with cards that will just be a nice way to say thanks.  


You can send a card to a potential client’s pet directly, not the person, and you can enclose some dog treats or some cat toys, or whatever may be appropriate.   


When you want an appointment with somebody that isn’t responding to  your calls, send them a card with a Starbucks gift card inside and inside the card it’ll say, you’re even paying for the coffee if they’ll meet with you.  


You can pull photos off of Facebook when someone has grandkids or some other life event and put a collage on the front of the card with a short congratulations done on the inside.


You can take a selfie picture with someone you meet at a networking event and put their picture on the front of the card with you, then send it to them with brownies. They’ll keep that card with your contact information on it forever, because nobody can throw away a picture of themselves.  


When you visit an office, take a picture of the signage and add that picture to the front of a card and add a gift to the office.   


Before you hold an event, send everyone a card with brownies to setup the experience. If you’re network marketing, setup a series of cards where you welcome new team members and customers alike, and then auto reminders to have them reorder.  


If you’re a speaker, stay on top of mind of the promoters by sending pictures that highlight their last event. If you’re an author, use cards as invites to book signings, and then follow up with a collage card to all that were in attendance.  


When your top clients post onto social media like Facebook or Instagram, pull those pictures and put them on a card, and send it to them, that will help you build a relationship as well.  


If you’re a realtor, send invites to your open house to all the neighbors. And of course, I don’t want to forget to remind you that you need to ask for referrals from your existing clients and prospects, by sending cards, you could be a referral rockstar.


These are just some of the out of the box marketing ideas to send cards to stay in front of your prospects and your clients, and to help build those relationships. It’s endless, the number of ways you can creatively think of the types of cards to send and have them remember you.    


My suggestion is to you is just do it.