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No New Clients Required

One of the best ways to get more business out of your clients is to ask for more business instead of waiting for them to buy. You can send notices about other products and services you offer that your customers may not even know about. Maybe they already know about your other products or services, but you  don’t want them to forget about them when they need something other than what they normally buy from you.


According to the statistics, 62% your customers are not taking advantage of all the products or services you offer. If you’re not engaging your customers on a regular basis, and staying at the top of their mind, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. This is how you increase your revenue without finding new customers.     


This is also a great way to increase referrals, especially for your best clients. We’re going to talk more about exactly how to do this later, without begging for referrals and being embarrassed when you don’t get them. For now, just keep in mind that this is the entry point to getting more sales and increasing referrals.     


So, stay top‐of‐mind to keep your customers and increase their sales from you over time.