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Predictable, Consistent, Repeatable

Let’s look at how to systemize your client retention to be predictable, consistent and repeatable. It’s interesting to know that the word system stands for save yourself time, energy and money.


    There’s four basic ways to send cards:


  • Send a single card to a single address. This is when you send a heartfelt card out to say, “Thank you,” or “Nice to meet you,” for example.   
  • Send a single card to a group of addresses. An example would be to send out holiday cards to all your clients and potential clients that you recently met and haven’t placed an order with you yet.   
  • Send multiple cards to a single address. This way is generally used for follow‐up campaigns.  
  • Send multiple cards to a group of addresses. This method is for stay in touch campaigns.     


Now, here’s an important note, do not send anything relating to marketing, even asking for referrals unless it’s only one card out of a minimum five touch campaign, so that’s where your 80/20 rules comes in.


We don’t want to send anything more than 20% related to marketing, so it’s one of five cards, then one of them can be related to marketing. It takes a lot of touches to remain at the top of the mind of your prospects and your clients.   


The average prospect will not do business with you until they’ve seen or heard from you at least seven times. To do this right, you need to be a card sending machine. However, it takes an incredible amount of time to do this all by hand.     


The more systematic you are in approaching this, the better results you’re going to see and the more clients you’re going to turn into repeat and lifelong customers who refer business to you again.    


A word of warning. Do not try to do this all alone. Either one of these scenarios will either:  a. Overwhelm you, or b. Be instantly set aside and forgotten the moment you have a fire to put out around the office. If you want to see results from your client retention, you must be predictable, consistent, repeatable.