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Referral Campaigns

When a loyal customer knows about all of your services, and you’re at the top of their mind when they’re speaking with one of their friends or one of their associates, or when they hear about someone who might need your services, you will get more referrals.     


Here’s the rule: When you’re at the top of their mind, they will refer you more often. So let’s talk about how to facilitate your client retention investment into referrals.


You don’t have to leave it up to your clients to remember you all by themselves. What you can do and should do is create referral cards to encourage them to give you more referrals. And a good example would be a card that says on the front, “We want more clients just like you.” And when you open up the card, on the left side, it’s got a handwritten section in there where they can put a list of names with their addresses, phone numbers, business name, and on the right side of the card is says something along the lines of, “We want more customers just like you, that way we can help serve you better.”


Then all they need to do is put the card itself into a fax machine, of course the fax number is at the top of the card, and they can fax the card back to you with the referral.


It’s just that easy. That’s one idea you can do. Of course, when you’re getting referrals, it’s really free advertising. And this free advertising creates the proverbial domino effect that definitely helps your bottom line. So, the domino effect is where those referrals become clients, and now that they’re clients, they bring you more referrals, which become clients, and then those clients bring you more referrals and so on.


Remember the 80/20 rule? Your efforts need to be 80% relationship building and only 20% marketing. Asking for a referral is part of the 20% marketing. When done once in a while, it will come across as okay. That’s the easy way to do it.


When you do it this way, there’s no more begging for referrals and then getting embarrassed when you don’t get them. Even if you don’t get referrals, which is highly unlikely if you treat your customers right, you will still increase your revenue without having to find new customers because you are remaining at the top of their mind.    


If you’re sending a card to a client that says, “We love you, we want more clients just like you,” you’re staying at the top of their mind, even if they don’t give you a referral. And if you stay at the top of their mind, they’re going to order from you again.


It’s just because it’s easier for them to buy these additional services from you as a trusted resource instead of having to start all over again and find someone else to buy from, that they already know you, like you, and trust you. And now you’re at the top of their mind, they remember you, they’re going to buy from you again.   


Either way, these referral campaigns work in your favor, whether they give you referral or not. You’re still increasing your business.