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  • Campaigns by Type of Client

    When creating client retention campaigns in your business - the first step  is to break your clients into the A, B,  C, and D categories that we
  • Ninja Techniques to Stay in Front of Clients

    Here are some ninja style techniques on sending cards to stay in front of those prospects and clients…   When you're attending a networking
  • Sticky Revenue

    We're going to talk about stickiness and valuation.  For a business owner, sticky refers to how long customers stay and continue to buy from your
  • Remember …

    If you're going to stop customers from shopping with your competition, you must constantly be on the top of their mind so they don't ever forget
  • Referral Campaigns

    When a loyal customer knows about all of your services, and you're at the top of their mind when they're speaking with one of their friends or
  • Predictable, Consistent, Repeatable

    Let’s look at how to systemize your client retention to be predictable, consistent and repeatable. It's interesting to know that the word system
  • Create Client Retention Campaigns

    So how do you decide what type of that you want to send, and to whom?   First thing you need to do is draft the type of cards that will
  • Create Multiple Touch Points

    You know it takes a lot of touches to remain on top of mind with your prospects and your clients. In fact, the average prospect will not do
  • Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs

    Mary Kay Ash   Who's heard of Mary Kay Ash? Well, she's the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay said that her key to success was to
  • Client Retention Superstar – Tom Hopkins

    Today we're going to talk about Tom Hopkins, the number one sales trainer in America.     Tom Hopkins   Now let's talk about Tom Hopkins,
  • The Best of Client Retention – Joe Girard

    Let’s talk about the best of the best of client retention. We're going to talk about Joe Girard, the world's greatest salesman.   Joe
  • The #1 Reason Customers Don’t Return

    So let’s talk about the reasons that customers leave…   1% pass away 3% move away    14% are lured by a competitor    14% are
  • Let’s Get Personal

    In order to build a true rapport with your customers, you need to use their name in whatever you send them. Don't be the guy that sends an
  • No New Clients Required

    One of the best ways to get more business out of your clients is to ask for more business instead of waiting for them to buy. You can send
  • Competition-Proof Your Customers

    If you're going to stop customers from shopping with your competition, you must constantly be on the top of their mind so they don't ever forget
  • What All Clients Have in Common

    We’re all different in how we think because our brains are wired differently. We also have many different values and beliefs based on who we are,
  • Four Personality Types of Customers

    To better understand your client, which will help you build a better relationship with them, it's important to know that there are four basic
  • The ROI of Client Retention

    We’ve been talking a lot about clients ‐ what they're worth and how to keep them as your client. That's because it's very expensive to lose a
  • Four Categories for Client Retention

    Step one, identify your top 2% clients Who is your best, most ideal client? How often do they order? How long do they stay clients? How much is
  • Divide Clients Into Categories

    The first thing to do in solving your client retention problem is to go through your customer database and start sorting your clients into
  • Not All Clients Are Created Equal

    Not all clients are created equal.   Taking the lifetime value is not the only standard by which to determine the value of clients. You
  • Why Customers Leave

    There are many reasons why clients leave. Knowing why is vital to keeping them as your clients and retaining their business for years to
  • Why Businesses Fail

    In this competitive and changing economy, it seems that doing a great job for your customer isn't always enough. The expectation that people have
  • America’s Client Retention Expert

    I'd like to share with you a little bit about my story and why I'm America's client retention expert.   In 2003, I started a document
  • Customer Relations and Why They Matter 

    You've probably already heard of the statistic from the U.S. Small Business Administration... It says roughly 80% of all new businesses fail in