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Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs

Mary Kay Ash


Who’s heard of Mary Kay Ash? Well, she’s the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay said that her key to success was to make your people feel important. She taught her sales reps to send three handwritten thank you notes every night before bed.


Today, Mary Kay Cosmetics has more than 3 million consultants in over 37 countries worldwide, and has wholesale volume in excess of 3 billion, with a B, dollars. Now that’s a beautiful business.     


Harvey Mackay


He’s a business person, author, and syndicated columnist. Harvey became the top salesperson for an envelope company and used his commissions to purchase an insolvent envelope  manufacturer with 12 employees in 1959.


Today, his company, Mackay Mitchell Envelope Company, employees roughly 500 employees, produces 25 million envelopes a day, and has sales of approximately 100 million. Harvey is well known for his book Swim with the Sharks, in addition to many others.


He says, “Short, handwritten cards yield long results. In sales, never underestimate the importance of the personal gesture. Right at the top of the list of effective personal gestures sits the handwritten card. Always send memorable cards and personal notes when you are reminded of a person.”    


Bob Burg


He’s an international best‐selling author on entrepreneurship and creating powerful business relationships. Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing, and influence with total book sales of well over a million copies. He’s best known for his book Endless Referrals. He speaks to Fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations around the world.


The American Management Association named Bob one of top 30 leaders in business. He was named one of the top 200 most influential authors in the world by Richtopia.


He says, “Thank you cards are one of the most powerful tools in building a huge network, both professionally and socially. People with the most impressive networks are typically avid card writers. It’s one of the best techniques for long‐term winning without intimidation. I suggest getting into the habit of immediately sending out cards.”    


Danielle Kennedy


She’s a real estate legend. By the fourth year of her career, she closed on 105 homes while raising a family of five children. She says, “Write customers personal, handwritten cards frequently. If you run into an old customer anywhere, follow up with a handwritten card.”


In this electronic communication age of email, the handwritten card with the postage stamp gets more immediate attention than ever.